The Meaning behind the name Nana

In Thai, the word nana (นานา) refers to many, multiple. It can also mean “meeting place”.

Nana was also historically, the part of Bangkok where people met to discuss philosophical ideas. In modern times, the area is now where people meet to dine and socialize. This part of the city has numerous restaurants, bars and nightlife.

What is E3?

Satanee Nana (Nana Station) is stop E3 on the BTS – Bangkok Skytrain. Each stop on the BTS is numbered in reference to the central stop Siam. Nana station is the 3rd stop to the east of Siam station.


The Dining Experience

At Nana, we offer a wider variety of dishes than we are able to offer at Khao San Road, and dishes inspired by the street food found within Thailand. The setting is reminiscent of eating at little establishments on the streets in Bangkok – shared tables, where patrons socialize, drink and eat, sitting on colourful plastic stools, often hearing the sounds of cutlery against melamine plates and bowls. 




The Food

While street food is easily found throughout Thailand, there is a wide range in quality and taste. Often vendors on the street acquire lower quality ingredients in order to make a living selling food at low prices. The taste of each dish is dependent on the skills of the cooks and thus, the experience can be highly variable. Our team at Nana take pride in cooking consistently delicious dishes with high quality ingredients.

Just as the word nana can mean "many" in Thai, our cooks have contributed to the menu, and as such, the dishes we offer have inspiration and recipes from across the different regions of Thailand. Our specials give opportunity for our talented kitchen team to continue contributing recipe ideas, and enhance the breadth of offerings.

Some dishes are for the more adventurous diner - either in the flavour profiles, less commonly found ingredients and/or spice level. Don’t worry, there are still options that can accommodate most everyone. Check out our menu here.

Visit Us

If you are interested to dine at Nana, we accept walk-ins, and reservation requests with a minimum of 24 hrs advanced notice (email us at We do take-out as well. See the footer section below for our operating hours. Holiday hours can be found on the Nana home page

Hope to see you soon!